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WEIU Radio Alumni

Hit-Mix 88.9 is proud to have alumni working all over the country. Here are the graduates and where they are working:

2013 Graduates

Name Job Title Employer Location
Amber Chatman
Daah Hogan
Kankakee Community College Kankakee, IL
Erica Loring
Ethan Kruger Graduate Student Eastern Illinois University Charleston, IL
Toni Porter

Steve Puschmann
Chicago Our City Radio Chicago, IL
Lemar Brown

Jon Roemer Production Assistant NFL Network Culver City, CA
Steve Morck Digital Content Cromwell Radio Group
Ash Elkins Leasing Agent JIK Properties Pensacola, FL
Ryan McCain Prop Master Drury Lane Theatre Chicago, IL
John Myers Digital Content Cromwell Radio Group
Julianne Pacana Elementary SchoolTeacher Marengo-Union School District Marengo, IL

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