Helping You Tell the Story of Your Community!

WEIU-TV's This is Our Story project is a way for us to connect with the communities we serve as well as a way to allow those communities to tell their stories!

We got off to a great start in Fall 2014 with Effingham: This is Our Story, followed up with Mattoon: This is Our Story in Spring 2015, and Charleston was featured in Fall 2015. Paris was next in Spring 2016, and most recently we put together Marshall: This is Our Story for Summer 2016.

In each installment, we asked the local residents to serve as our "storytellers" for the production. They grabbed their video cameras, cell phones, GoPros, Flip cameras, or any other video recording devices and captured the footage for their story ideas.

We took it from there, editing their contributions into our final production. Every participant was instrumental in forging a partnership between WEIU-TV and their town, and we hope to give you the opportunity to help us serve your community in a similar fashion in the future.

Want to See How it Works?

Visit the Effingham, Mattoon, Charleston, Paris, and Marshall pages to check out the great results of our previous This is Our Story projects! You'll find links to watch them online, pictures from the filming process, and a list of storytellers!


Contact the Our Story project managers:

Jana Johnson
Ke'an Armstrong