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Being Well features topics related to health, fitness and well being. The program is hosted by WEIU-TV's Lori Banks and features experts from several medical and health-related institutions in the region:

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Season 9 Premiere Episodes

  • June 14 and 21 - Membership Drive Hiatus

  • During our Summer 2016 membership drive, no new episodes of Being Well will air.

  • June 28, 2016

  • Urologist David DiDomenico stops by to talk about an issues that affects men and women, overactive bladder or OAB. We’ll talk about the causes and symptoms of OAB and what new medical and surgical treatments are available.

  • July 5, 2016

  • Panic, fear, phobia. These are all words to describe anxiety. This week we are joined by Dr. Susan Longley, professor of Psychology at Eastern Illinois University, to learn more about anxiety disorders. We will talk about the types of anxiety disorders, what causes them and what can be done to treat them.

  • July 12, 2016

  • You’ve been told to get more exercise but have questions about what type, length, number of days per week and a whole lot more. James Di Naso, who is a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, will answer all of those questions and more so you can gain the most health benefits from your exercise program.