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Student Loan Debt

This spring, a diploma isn't the only thing some graduates will be walking away with. Many students will be paying off their higher education bill for many years to come. The American Student Assistance website says 12 percent of those who attend college borrow money to cover college costs. News Watch's Natalie Fedder talked to Eastern Illinois University students on how they are coping wit READ MORE>

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Ameren Phone Scam

Charleston police say scammers are posing as Ameren representatives.

Lieutenant Brad Oyer of the Charleston Police Department says the callers are telling people their last power payment didn't clear, and that their power will be shut off in the next few hours if they don't send payment. 

They're instructing customers to pay via phone with a credit card or buy a MoneyPak.&n


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Garoppolo Invited to Draft

Former Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will soon be packing his bags and headed to radio city music hall.

Garoppolo is one of 30 prospects invited to the NFL Draft in New York City May 8th through the 10th.
The NFL typically invites those considered to go in the first round, but the league changed some of the guidelines this year.


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