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EIU March for Ferguson

"We just wanted to bring ourselves and the EIU community up to date with everything that's going on. Because like I said there were so many stories that we didn't know the actual story so we researched and found out stuff. So it was more of an awareness thing." A goal the sorority says they accomplished marching around campus ... holding their hands and signs up ... in support of Michael Brown. F ... READ MORE >>

EIU Rec Wardrobe

The Eastern Illinois University Recreational Center has a new rule for those coming to work out cover up while at the gym! But with this hot and humid weather people are asking why. News Watch's Margaret Langevin reports it's actually because of health reasons. Daugherty says they've put a lot of time and research into the new wardrobe guidelines. She says so far there haven't been any reports of ... READ MORE >>

Puppy Mill Legislation

Animal shelters might not be as full if this law passes. Illinois lawmakers are considering a bill to require pet shops to only sell dogs and cats from animal shelters and NOT commercial breeders. News Watch's Margaret Langevin spoke with employees at an animal shelter and dog trainers who say they're ecstatic about this proposal. This new bill is aimed to put puppy mills out of business by ... READ MORE >>

Graduation "Selfie" Ban

Graduation is coming up in a couple of days at Eastern Illinois University and it's a big day for many students, that will be full of photos. Some schools like the University of South Florida and Bryant University are asking graduates not to take certain photos, the ones known as selfies. But Eastern isn't one of those schools banning the phenomenon. Students walking across that stage on Sa ... READ MORE >>

Animal Shelters in May

This month lots of graduations happen and college students pack up and move out of town! But a lot of times what they don't take with them is their pets and that means shelters fill up this time of year. News Watch's Jaida Moore spoke with animal control officials today about the problem and she joins us live in the studio with more on how shelters operate when there's more dogs and cats that ne ... READ MORE >>