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Kansas Medical Center Closing

Paris Community Hospital Family Medical Officials have announced its plan to close the Kansas Family Medical Clinic after 19-years of service. News Watch's Jesse Guinn spent the day talking with community members who say the loss will have a major impact on the village. News Watch reached out to hospital officials who weren't available to speak on camera today. A letter explaining the closure will ... READ MORE >>

EIU / Lake Land Transfer Agreement

New incentives! That's what's coming from a newly established agreement between Eastern Illinois University and Lake Land College. The opportunities stem from a reverse-transfer articulation agreement. And Lake Land College president Dr. Jonathan Bullock says the agreement offers huge opportunities to local students choosing to further their collegiate education. EIU transfer coordinator Rita Pear ... READ MORE >>

Chautauqua Auditorium Update

At one time, some feared this local landmark would be torn down and closed forever, but that's all about to change. The Chautauqua Auditorium in Shelbyville is more than a hundred years old ... and has hosted people like Dolly Parton and former President William Taft! Those who've worked so hard to keep the building open hope to once again welcome in some famous faces! Elder says a clean up da ... READ MORE >>

AccuVein Vein Finders

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Charleston Liquor Ordinance

Last call will come a little later in Charleston! The extra hour of business is only a temporary measure for bars in Charleston. But city officials say it's a step toward making a safer commute home for patrons, as well as lowering the amount of late-night house parties. Over the next six months,local officials will be on the look out for a change in those issues. News Watch spoke with ... READ MORE >>