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Martinsville Trunk or Treat

When we think of Halloween, we think of trick or treating. But in Martinsville trunk or treating is the event to attend this year. Trunk or treating is held in parking lots. Kids dress up in costumes while participants decorate the trunk of their car and pass out candy. City officials in Martinsville believe this is the perfect way to celebrate the haunted holiday! ... READ MORE >>

Pet Adoption New Rules

The Coles County Animal Shelter is concerned about students adopting pets and not being able to take care of them. Coles County Animal Shelter Assistant Manager Jason Wallace said they want the animals to go to a forever home, and hope their new rule will keep the animals from winding back up at the shelter. ... READ MORE >>

Deleted video

This video is unavailable. ...

CHS Teacher Memorial

Students and staff members at the Charleston High school are remembering Nellie Wiseman for all of the lives she's touched through teaching. Wiseman did more than just teach, she also spent time as a cheerleading coach and mentor. Those who worked beside her say they'll never forgot her and all the enthusiasm she had every day. ... READ MORE >>

Sullivan Church Closes

In 1831 the Sullivan Presbyterian Church opened its doors for the first service, but on September 29th the congregation held its last. Today I spoke with a member of the church, Pauline Rowles, and she says the last service was bittersweet and full of tears. Rowles and other members of the congregation were invited to area churches, but it's still hard for some of the members to start new. The Pre ... READ MORE >>

New Archery Law

Illinois previously only let hunters 62-year-old and up or hunters with disabilities to use crossbows during archery season. But hunters in the community say it's good younger hunters will have access to this option too. Stewart says he's seen an increase of crossbow sales at his store since the law was passed. Even Charleston Mayor Brandon Combs was trying out his crossbow with Stewart earlier to ... READ MORE >>

Deleted video

This video is unavailable. ...

Ashmore Estates Trespassing Case

Police are still searching for the mystery woman who broke into a haunted attraction in Coles County. Officials say this security footage shows a female trespassing at Ashmore Estates on October 3rd. They say an award is being offered for information on the identification of the woman in the video. Officials say if you have any information on the case you can Facebook message or call the ... READ MORE >>

Hometown Governor's Award

A recreational spot in Charleston gets the attention of the governor. City officials nominated the Charleston Lake Trails for an award and won! ... READ MORE >>

School Shooter in Court

A freshman high school student charged in the shooting of another student at the Mattoon High School appears in court. Today's court hearing was brief, but News Watch learned today a psychiastrist has met with the suspect, but reports on his condition are pending. Also during proceedings: the announcement the student has a new attorney. The juvenile is charged with aggravated battery with a firear ... READ MORE >>

EIU Enrollment Update

These new enrollment strategies along with the recently introduced marketing plans are already showing an increase of interest and applications for Eastern Illinois University. Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Josh Norman says there's so much going on at Eastern it was hard to condense it into an email update. As we've previously reported, Eastern's new marketing plans include TV ... READ MORE >>

Shriver Cold Case Re-opened

It's not uncommon for the Coles County sheriff's department to put posts on their Facebook page, but earlier this month they reached out to the public to help solve a decades old murder. The Coles County Sheriff's Department is requesting you mail or email a brief summary of the information and a contact number. They say leads will be reviewed and placed in order of priority. You can also call the ... READ MORE >>