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Flu Hits Schools

Some schools in the area are having higher than average absentee rates, and officials say the flu may be to blame. Teutopolis Superintendent Bill Fritcher says their schools had a high number of kids out sick with a flu-like bug last week, they're just now starting to get back to normal. The chief medical officer at HSHS St. Anthony's in Effingham, Dr. Ryan Jennings, says the flu is spreading ... READ MORE >>

Busy Mail Day

Today marks the United States Postal Service's busiest day of the year! But not all offices are seeing the same Christmas rush. Oakland resident Bob Temples says the holiday rush isn't stopping him from sending his Christmas greeting all over the country! Hogue says nationwide 470 million packages will be shipped this holiday season. Hogue says if you want your package to make it to it's desti ... READ MORE >>

Lake Land Tuition

This local college is giving out something a little different two years of free tuition! How does that sound? But as Margaret Langevin reports students wanting that free tuition need to work for it in high school first. Lake Land Community College's Board of Trustees approved a Presidential Scholarship Monday. This scholarship is awarded to high school students who receive a 26 or higher ACT s ... READ MORE >>

Flu Season

It's that time of year again when Illinois residents are experiencing coughing, sore throats, and the sniffles, it's flu season! I spent the day talking with Coles County health officials, and they say this year Illinois residents are dealing with a different strain of influenza, one that may make the flu shot less effective Even though the shot is less effective, Eastern Illinois University Hea ... READ MORE >>

Sadorus Honors Dorothy Schroeder

The town of Sadorus wants to erect a sign honoring Dorothy Schroeder, a professional baseball player who grew up in the town. Original Airdate: Monday, December 8, 2014 Reporter: Savanna Tomei Videographer: Derrick Jackson ... READ MORE >>