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Neoga Brings Back Ag Program

After two years without an Ag program, Neoga High School is putting it back in the curriculum. As New's Watch reporter Kallie Koester found out today, Neoga school district is excited to bring back classes that reflect and integrate so much of their community. Class is back in session! At least that's the case for the Neoga Ag Program. Back in 2015, the ag program was cut due to the lack of s ... READ MORE >>

Lake Land College Alumni Volunteer

The Lake Land College Alumni Association is inviting all members of One Lake Nation to join a newly created volunteer pool to support the college. The alumni will have several opportunities. To name a few, they could be a mentor, present at events, and be apart of the advisory board. The college will email a simple survey to those alumni with an email address o file, asking individuals to respo ... READ MORE >>

Stolen Lawn Garden Property

Their big things made them a big target for thieves in Casey. Lawn equipment thefts have been reported across several counties at businesses and in municipal buildings. Now officials have some advice to help residents keep the thieves out of their garage and tool sheds. "Bolin has a lot of businesses in Casey. They have a shop over here behind the wind chimes one block to the west. That's where ... READ MORE >>

Unofficial Ban

A recent tragedy during what's called the Unofficial St. Patrick's Day party has University of Illinois police officers trying harder to control the festivities. University police spokesperson Patrick Wade says they can't ban unofficial but they can make it less fun. Wade says over the past years they have been making it harder for visitors to come during the weekend long party. ... READ MORE >>

Severe Weather Preparedness - 1917 Tornado Anniversary

It has been 100 years, but the Mattoon-Charleston tornado is still a reminder that Mother Nature can strike anywhere. It's especially prevalent to reflect back on amid Severe Weather Preparedness Week. ... READ MORE >>

Memorial Blood Drive For Kyle Updegraff

Last March Kyle Updegraff of Charleston died unexpectedly. Doctors determined Kyle died from a deadly virus. Earlier today, friends, amily and strangers gathered in Ashmore to honor Kyle. Kyle Updegraff's mother described him as a good worker, good friend, good son, good brother, excellent father. Updegraff's daughter said they did a lot of fun things together like showing pigs, riding and wa ... READ MORE >>

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Lytle Park Construction

"The park district started on a master plan late in 2011 and had been adopted by the board in early 2013. Many of the ideas within it were sustainable practices being stewards of the environment, different aspects of green,” said Justin Grady. The Mattoon Township Park District received a grant in 2014 after presenting their plans, but the funds were frozen in 2015 due to a lack of state budget ... READ MORE >>

Paris Golf Carts

Starting today if you're registered through the Paris Police Department you can drive golf carts on several streets throughout town. Resident Charlie Brown said he's excited to put his one of a kind golf cart to use, not only as a hobby but to drive around with grandson. Brown said the golf cart is a 1970 model Cushman. The original owner was W.D. Campbell who also owned Campbell's Soup. He sa ... READ MORE >>

Oakland Hit and Run

On Sunday, February 26th around 6:15 in the morning, the Oakland Police Department was dispatched to Danville Road at East Blevins Street for a report of a man found dead in the roadway. Concerned mother Haley Logan says she's lived in Oakland for over a year and never expected to hear this accident happened right down the road from her house. "I was obviously shocked that something like this doe ... READ MORE >>