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Lake Shelbyville Honeysuckle

The honeysuckle is growing all over the lake but next week crews are planning to kill it on 125 acres. Natural Resource Specialist Lee Mitchell says this is one plant that can grow out of control and invade other vegetation in the area. Lake Shelbyville Natural Resource Specialist, Lee Mitchell says the spraying of the herbicide was supposed to happen last week but due to the windy conditions, i ... READ MORE >>

Deer Hunting Safety

Conservation officers say last deer season twenty accidents happened in Illinois during the firearm hunting period. Of those accidents, two resulted in deaths. With that in mind the Illinois Department of Natural Resources wants those searching for venison to play it safe. I spoke with one local hunter who has a game plan in place, before heading to the woods. State DNR officials have a full l ... READ MORE >>

Deer Poaching

Monday on News Watch, we told you about that poaching incident involving several deer in Clark County. Tonight, two teenagers are facing multiple charges in the case. As News Watch's Jesse Guinn reports, Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police Officer Robert Wellum says the community's response has been helpful in wrapping up the case. ... READ MORE >>

Paris Meth Busts

The latest bust in Paris came this afternoon while police aren't releasing information on this situation, they are talking about two others. so far this week ... six people are facing drug related charges ... that's not including today's bust. While it may seem like a lot of drug activity going on, Edgar County sheriff Jeff Wood says it's a problem that's existed in the county for 15 years, but wh ... READ MORE >>

Moultrie County Squad Car Decals

It's common to see a squad car rushing to the scene of an emergency, but these moving billboards of the department are showcasing something unique. The Moultrie County Sheriff's Department is the only one locally to adopt an 'In God We Trust' decal, and as News Watch's Lacey Clifton found out, social media played a big role in getting the message started. Sims says so far, the decal ... READ MORE >>