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Reynolds Bridge Construction

Charleston residents say the century-old Reynold's Bridge has seen better days, and that it's time for some improvements. The bridge was originally shut down last December for problems with the stop light. ... READ MORE >>

Effingham Bike Trails

More than $52 million in federal funds will go toward local alternative transportation projects. In the overall plan, Effingham is used as an example of how exercise benefit the community. Biking enthusiast Scott Ealy says it's because the city's trails are better than most. The federal funding will support 71 path plans across Illinois, including some here in the central part of the state. So ... READ MORE >>

Mattoon Home Invasion Reward

It has been just over a month since a Mattoon home was invaded on the 200 block of South 30th Street. Mattoon Police Department is teaming up with Crimestoppers to offer a $500 reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. Police the home was tied up and held and gun point while the suspects stole items. Mattoon Police Chief Jeff Branson says due to the severity of the crime, the ... READ MORE >>

Spring Planting Delayed for Farmers

Though there may be light rain in the future cast Illinois farmers are affected by the past weather. During these early spring months most farmers have already planted corn, but with rain and frigid temperatures that's been delayed. Both Paul Daily and Tony Coffey say corn should be in the ground by late May. Illinois is also one of the top soybean producers in the country. That crop is t ... READ MORE >>

Shimkus Local Visit

For the past three years the campus of Eastern Illinois University has been reducing its footprints, carbon footprint that is! Home to one of the largest biomass renewable energy projects in the country, the Renewable Energy Center in Charleston got a special visit from a member of Congress. Congressman John Shimkus visited the energy center today. A reality Congressman John Shimkus got to be ... READ MORE >>