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Effingham Park Vandalism

With all the upcoming activities vandalism is the the last thing the Effingham Park District maintenance crew wants to deal with. Earlier this week the office area at Evergreen Hollow Park was broken into and vandalized. News Watch's Charlee Caudill spoke with Effingham park district maintenance director Jim Raddatz about the damage. This time of year, baseball is usually what's on the mind of ... READ MORE >>

Eastern Euphonics Compete At ICCAs

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Sky Watch Forecast - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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Lakeview New Technology

The apollo male wireless simulator will help students in real life-threatening scenarios. Today I spoke with Lakeview professor Rita Wallace about why this technology will benefit students for years to come. He has a heartbeat, real hair and eyebrows, can urinate, bleed, and talk. Lakeview College of Nursing just welcomed home a new simulator that students can learn techniques when working ... READ MORE >>

IL Fire Volunteers

When it comes to volunteers, some fire departments around the state are scrambling to find help. Lincoln Fire Protection district chief Pat Goodwin says it's not detrimental yet but in the future it could be a serious problem. The Illinois Fire Chief's Association says small communities throughout Illinois are struggling on recruiting and retaining volunteers at their local fire stations. Li ... READ MORE >>

Emergency Calls Increase

The numbers are in and so are the calls. The Charleston Fire Department is reviewing last year's emergency calls and say they're seeing a rise in the number of incidents, which is a trend they hope doesn't continue. 4,575. That's the number of emergency calls the Charleston Fire Department recieved last year - an increase of about a hundred from 2015. Medical problems made up 83% of the calls t ... READ MORE >>

EIU and Travel Order

Friday, January 27th President Donald Trump made an executive order to ban citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the Untied States for the next 90 days and implemented a 120 day suspension of the U.S. refugee program. Eastern Illinois University Economic Professor Teshome Abebe says the travel ban leaves the country in confusion. Abebe said, "We don't know what's likely to ... READ MORE >>

Charleston Burglaries

Police say the suspect is accused of breaking into several churches and businesses. Now, as News Watch's Kallie Koester found out, those places are changing up their security measures by adding more locks, lights, and cameras. The Charleston Police Department says just after midnight Tuesday, they came across an open door at the Culligan Water Conditioning building. Upon investigating the open ... READ MORE >>

Sky Watch Forecast - Monday, January 26, 2016

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IL Substitute Teacher Shortage

A survey of Illinois public school districts says administrators are constantly trying to find substitute teachers for as many as 600 classrooms a day. I spoke with Charleston Superintendent Jim Littleford and he says finding substitutes in his district isn't an issue. He says if it wasn't for Eastern Illinois University, administrators would struggle finding teachers to take over classrooms. Li ... READ MORE >>

Cumberland Tax Proposal (1-12-17)

At a time when school districts are finding it hard to get money from the state, Cumberland County is looking to a tax proposal to generate extra funds. Come April, voters will be asked to support a 1% sales tax on general merchandise. Cumberland Superintendent Todd Butler says the money will be used to fix, maintain, and upgrade buildings in the district. He says the money will NOT be used fo ... READ MORE >>

School Lead Legislation

Governor Bruce Rauner puts his stamp of approval on a new bill requiring lead testing for Illinois elementary schools and daycares. Charleston Superintendent Jim Littleford says it's important for the school district but it's going to be expensive. Littleford said,"I think it's a very good idea. A lot of the legislation that is passed now a days has good fact base reasons for doing the things th ... READ MORE >>