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Heroin Problem

Four deaths in central and southern Illinois have happened recently believed linked to bad heroin. News Watch's Jesse Guinn spoke with authorities who have a warning about the potentially lethal batch circulating. Area drug court officials work with heroin addicts on a daily basis. They say they've seen a variety of cases some severe and they want to make sure everyone is aware of how dangerous ... READ MORE >>

Paris Playground

It will be the first of it's kind in Edgar County. A group of individuals are working on a park addition designed to suits the needs of all. It's called the All Abilities Playground and organizers say they're excited to see the project become a reality. Committee members also hope the new playground will be an economic boost for the city of Paris. The city of Paris has donated the portion of t ... READ MORE >>

Will Rogers Update

Charleston's Will Rogers theater has sat empty since 2010. The building was supposed to be renovated, but after those plans fell through, the building was foreclosed on by an area bank. News Watch's Jesse Guinn spoke with members of the Coles County Historic Preservation Council. They say something has to be done soon. Morice says the future of the building will depend on what happens at a Col ... READ MORE >>

Spring Planting

For years the demand for corn was high and so were prices. But in recent years that has changed. News Watch's Jesse Guinn spoke with area farmers who agree the agricultural economy is once again shifting. Both Dailey and Newby say they've taken advantage of the weather and they say neighboring farmers have too. Newby says farmers typically prefer to have corn planted by May 20th. And they say ... READ MORE >>

Charleston Bar Hours Update

It's been five months since the Charleston City Council voted to pass an ordinance allowing local bars to extend closing hours until 2 a.m. With many Eastern Illinois University students graduating soon, or leaving town for summer, News Watch spoke with the community about how the ordinance has done so far. The ordinance is set to expire in August, but Rennels says if community reactions are p ... READ MORE >>