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Shelbyville Football Fireworks

Besides cheering fans, the Shelbyville Rams Booster Club felt their Boys of Fall needed a little more excitement to their Friday nights. So at the start the game, after touchdowns, and after a win, the fireworks go off. Last Friday night, they went off several times, considering the Rams scored 50 points! Snider says the fireworks have a way to pump up the crowd and the team. The players say the ... READ MORE >>

Police Body Cameras

Two Illinois lawmakers are pushing for a hike in traffic and other fines to raise money for police body cameras and dashboard cameras. The White House is backing up that push saying requiring police officers to wear cameras is one potential solution to end the mistrust between police and communities. News Watch's Margaret Langevin spent the day talking to one local police department about the is ... READ MORE >>

Marshall Bank Robbery

Police say they believe a man who robbed a Marshall bank is involved in a much bigger investigation. Now Marshall wasn't the only town targeted by bank robbers so was Oakland. But authorities believe the suspects were involved in a string of at least ten bank robberies in a four-state area. Formal charges against the suspects haven't been filed. Investigators from several states are still working ... READ MORE >>

Nursing Home Surveillance Legislation

The quality of care in nursing homes is a concern for anyone with family members in them. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to give those families peace of mind, and help find the unsafe centers. She says she'll fight for legislation that would let nursing home residents and their families have video or audio recording devices in their rooms to monitor patient treatment. The past effo ... READ MORE >>

Local 911 Tribute

Kyla Ballinger's third grade class and others paid tribute today the anniversary of 9/11. One of those being Mattoon Assitant Fire Chief Sean Junge who like many feel the most important thing we can do is honor those who were lost and teach those who are too young to know. The World Trade center site has undergone dramatic changes. Where the twin towers once stood. One World Trade center now stan ... READ MORE >>