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Animal Shelter Security

The Coles County Animal Shelter has had animals stolen in the past. Now, it's taken an important step to catch potential criminals threatening the animals' safety. NewsWatch's Lacey Clifton spoke with shelter manager Julie Deters, who says the security measure is long overdue. Up until now, the shelter didn't have cameras at the facility. Deters says they were purchased with the help of the count ... READ MORE >>

Cold Weather and Pets

As those temperatures drop, it's time to start thinking a little more about our pets. Doctor Sally Foote of the Okaw Veterinary Clinic in Tuscola says this is the time of the year our pets need more attention. As News Watch's Margaret Langevin reports since the winter coldness came quickly, pets need some time to adjust. Another important tip is to wipe your pet's paws when they come in, their ... READ MORE >>

Problems With Black Ice

While snow is usually visible to most drivers, black ice also known as invisible ice is not, and officials believe it may have been the cause of the fatal accident involving Eastern students. Brittany Borthwick talked with the Coles County Sheriff's Department to find out if there are steps drivers can take to help prevent an accident during dangerous conditions. Icy roads are to blame for a co ... READ MORE >>

Remembering Samantha Middendorf

Eastern Illinois University journalism sophomore Samantha Middendorf was killed in an accident on Interstate 57 Saturday night. She was a passenger in a truck that slid off the road. So today, interim journalism department chair Sally Renaud says students are banding together to celebrate Middendorf's life. Original Airdate: Monday, November 17, 2014 Reporter: Savanna Tomei Videographer: Derrick ... READ MORE >>

Landon Weaver Vigil

"I've seen child abuse. And for someone not to do anything about it it's not right. We have to do something to help the kids. Kids can't help themselves. And when Landon passed away it just struck a nerve." Comstock and nearly a hundred others were together last night to show Landon Weaver's family they have a lot of support as they handle the loss ... of a life gone too soon. Reverend Mike Dix ... READ MORE >>