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CHS Supports Players102014

Several members of the Charleston Trojans football team have shaved their heads to support one of their own. Freshman team member Ethan Robinson and varsity player Dylan Coffey are both fighting two different illnesses. Brittany Borthwick spent the day talking to players, and they say they are more than happy to show support for the two. Players say they wanted their teammates to know they did ... READ MORE >>

Low Mortgage Rates

Turmoil in the financial markets can actually be a good thing for homeowners. Last week, the Dow Jones dropped more than 350 points. Across the country mortgage rates are also falling, so mortgage lender Mary White says now might be the time to refinance. The stock market rallied on Friday, raising those mortgage rates a bit. That can suggest these low rates may not be around for long. ... READ MORE >>

Shelbyville School's Death

An entire town is still in shock after news a Shelbyville school employee lost his life on the job. Friends and family of 45-year-old Tim Powers say he was part of so many peoples lives, both in the school district and in the community. The funeral for Tim Powers is tomorrow at the First Church of the Nazarene in Shelbyville ... READ MORE >>

Oakland Considers Lifting Alcohol Ban

Oakland Mayor Jamie Harris brought up the possibility of the town allowing alcohol sales, and now some are pushing to have the matter put on the ballot. Not only would package liquor sales be allowed in the town, but it'd also open up the potential for bars. I spent the day in Oakland speaking with locals who had very different views on the matter. Many locals didn't want to go on camera a ... READ MORE >>

Pumpkin Harvest

"I have a background in horticulture and agricultural business with a pumpkin component. When I was in South Africa I was looking for South African concurbits. When I was in Kenya I was doing the same thing. Scotland... England... and all over Europe. Everything I was doing was gathering information to bring back to the farm." It doesn't stop there. From festivals in Atlanta and California to d ... READ MORE >>