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Greenup Fire Arrests

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

This story is one News Watch has been following since last summer.

Fire after fire has erupted around the village of Greenup.

In all, nearly thirty structures have been burned the last several months.

Officials say most of the buildings were vacant and intentionally set.

Earlier today we learned two people are now facing charges in the case.

The Illinois State police say 21-year-old Levi Barnes of Greenup and 23-year-old Paul McCormick of Toledo are accused of setting more than twenty fires in the area.

Residents say the arrests provide some relief for the community.

Barnes and McCormick are being held at the Cumberland County Detention Center pending an appearance before a judge.

News Watch contacted the Illinois State police, but they were not releasing any additional information.

The Greenup fire chief was unavailable.

We did speak with a Greenup firefighter who didn't want to go on camera or give us his name, but he says one of the suspects is connected to the fire department.

Of course, News Watch will continue to follow this story.

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