Saturday, March 12

7:30 a.m. | Sewing With Nancy: Sew Simple with Rectangles and Squares

Join host Nancy Zieman as she demonstrates making 12 time-saving gifts using easy rectangles and squares for patterns. Learn to use specialty fabric and trim to create handy projects and great gifts.

9 a.m. | Quilts of Valor II

Quilts of Valor II reunites national quilting celebrities Alex Anderson, Mark Lipinski and host Marianne Fons from the original Quilts of Valor to work on one magnificent, new Quilt of Valor.

As they sew, the quilting gurus share quilt-making tips with viewers, and speak from the heart about what being involved in making quilts for veterans has come to mean to them. The program also features stories from Nebraska, California, North Carolina and Washington, D.C. , introducing viewers to the people who make Quilts of Valor, and the people who receive them.

11 a.m. | Smart Fats to Outsmart Aging with Steven Masley, MD

As a physician, nutritionist and fellow with three medical organizations, Dr. Masley offers his audience proven, simple lifestyle changes to help them lose unwanted weight and keep it off, feel and look better than ever, control blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol profiles, and prevent and reverse heart disease. In a nutshell, enhancing quality of life for decades to come.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) is stealing health and aging people faster than necessary.  In this program, Dr. Masley discusses the 5 major aging accelerators – mostly attributable to the SAD:  inflammation, hormone imbalance, loss in muscle mass, and common nutritional deficiencies.  Dr. Masley lets viewers know what they can do to stop these aging accelerators in their tracks, and in some cases reverse them; and it starts with focusing on 4 main food groups.

Viewers will also learn critical ways to measure how they’re aging, so they can slow it down ... or reverse it. And this program will provide information on the key nutrients everyone needs and the activity required to outsmart, too.

3:30 p.m. | Paris: This is Our Story

WEIU-TV's This is Our Story project is a way for us to connect with the communities we serve as well as a way to allow those communities to tell their stories! Our newest production focuses on the great city of Paris!

7 p.m. | The Best of 50s Pop (My Music)

Bring back happy memories with classic tunes from Patti Page, The Four Lads, The McGuire Sisters, Frankie Laine and more. These are the top hits of the fifties, full of smooth harmonies, joyful melodies and warm vocals by singers and groups who brought songs of love and optimism to listeners glued to their AM radios.

9 p.m. | Pete Townshend’s Classic Quadrophenia

Ensuring Pete Townshend’s place in the canon of important 20th-century composers, a stunning concert filmed at the Royal Albert Hall and the orchestral version of The Who’s seminal rock opera features Pete Townshend, Billy Idol and tenor Alfie Boe.

11 p.m. | Country Pop Legends (My Music)

Country pop legends unite to perform their biggest and best-loved hit recordings from the 1950s, 60s and 70s in this MY MUSIC special. County music legend Roy Clark hosts this emotional trip down three decades of memory lane.

Performances from Glen Campbell, Crystal Gayle, Hank Locklin, Bill Anderson, BJ Thomas, the Bellamy Brothers, the Browns and more are intermixed with classic full-length vintage archival gems from the vaults.