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Charleston Fire Department Receives Grant

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Charleston Fire Department wants to prevent a disaster from happening at your home. The department recently received a large shipment of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Charleston Fire Chief Pat Goodwin is talking about smoke detectors and says that he wants to make sure everyone is protected. But Goodwin says more times than not homes don't have working detectors and in some cases, none at all. For that reason, the department applied for a grant and received a load of smoke detectors to give out to the community. The shipment included more than 400 smoke alarms, 250 carbon monoxide detectors and three silent detectors to assist the hearing impaired. Goodwin says this is all part of a program to prevent fires instead of being called to them. Megan Schroeder also has a job that requires her to stress the importance of smoke detectors. She works for apartment building owners and talks to tenants regularly about fire safety, a message Goodwin is also hoping to get out to neighborhoods. If you'd like a detector or assistance with the one you have call the Charleston Fire Department.

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