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Halloween Vandalism

Monday, 28 October 2013

Ghosts and ghouls aren't the only thing to look out for this Halloween.

This time of year is also a prime time for pranks.

Last night, Eastern Illinois University police were called to a parking lot located on campus regarding vandalism to a car.

University Police Officer Alexander Oakley says, at approximately 12:30 p.m. the call came in that the victim

believed their car had been spray painted and there was some other damage with silly string.

This is the first report like this taken by university police this week, but with Halloween coming up Thursday more pranks are expected to happen.

Vandalism is categorized as anything that causes damage to someone's property.

Charleston Lietennant Brad Oyer says, vandalism is not accepted even though it is Halloween.

Police say while most pranks are harmless some may get out of control.

Officer Alexander Oakley says he wants students to have fun, but should also understand the consequences of breaking the law.

Both officers said they want the community to enjoy the holiday but be responsible.

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