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Eastern Illinois University Electronic Locks

Friday, 4 October 2013

Eastern Illinois University is in the process of switching out the locks for an OFF HOURS security plan for the Old Main and Buzzard Hall buildings. The new electronic locks will restrict students AND staff from entering the building off hours unless their university identification cards, called "Panthercards," are registered in Eastern's system. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Jeff Cross says the new security plan will require students AND staff to swipe panthercards in new electronic locks. University officials says the new electronic locks at Buzzard and Old Main are part of a larger plan which has been in place since last spring. They say the plan right now is for every building on campus to make the switch to the new security locks. Cross says the plan is to install the electronic locks in every building on campus. Several buildings have already made the transition to the locks since spring of last year and the university plans on adding Old Main, Buzzard Hall, and Coleman to that list.

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