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President Perry on Barn Party

Friday, 20 September 2013

Eastern Illinois University President Bill Perry is releasing a statement to the community in response to a large weekend party. Last Sunday morning, Charleston police were called to a property on West State Street to an event attracting more than 400 people. It was at that gathering called the Barn Party two people were shot, and another person severely beaten. So far, police have arrested two people, with more arrests pending. At Eastern, the unversity has put all late night events hosted by university organizations on hold. News Watch's Braden Harp had the chance to speak to Dr. Perry today, and he says he's deeply troubled by the events surrounding the shooting. Eastern Illinois University is temporarily bringing late night activities on campus to a stop. All late night plans by Eastern organizations are being put on hold until Thursday as a response to the barn party shooting. EIU President Bill Perry says the hold on late night events isn't a punishment, it's giving EIU a good opportunity to rethink current policies. Perry says he will hold responsible anyone involved with Sunday's barn party shooting. Phi Beta Sigma, a fraternity believed by the police to be connected to the barn party, has been suspended temporarily by the university. The president says the suspension is in place for the police and university to investigate their involvement. President of Phi Beta Sigma Da'Jon Sherman says the fraternity was told not to be involved with the party at all. Perry believes looking at other universities, and their policies, will help prevent problems like the barn party shooting from happening again. Perry says Phi Beta Sigma has also been ordered to stop all operations by the regional director of the national organization pending an investigation. He says until the investigations are finished the local chapter will not be allowed to function on campus as a fraternity.

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