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Record Breaker

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Saturday was a good day for the Eastern Illinois University Women’s softball team. Not

just because they defeated their arch-rivals Jacksonville State, but also because their star pitcher

Hanna Mennenga finally broke the strike out record she and her coach had been vying for.
Mennenga only needed 13 more to break the previous single-season record held by

former Eastern record holder Zam Mogill. Mogill broke the last record back in 1986 meaning

that Mennenga had beaten a Two and a half decade old record.
Mennenga was allowed to pitch all the way through both games giving her the ability

to break the record. In most of the first innings she pitched three strike outs in a row.  
Even before this game on Monday Mennenga was named the Ohio Valley Conference’s

pitcher of the week for the third straight week in a row, and the fifth time this season. She also

earned herself several top 25 national rankings with the second-best strike out average in the

entire NCAA.
Mennenga didn’t know the exact number or stats she had broken today but she was able

to say how good she felt about breaking it. “It’s nice to break a record always is nice to break

records it feels good,” said Mennega. She went on to say that even though she broke the record

for strike out today in no way did she think that was a key to their success on the field today,

saying that goes to most of her teammates. I thank the team as a whole they always have my

back on offense and I always have theirs on defense.
Head Coach Kim Schuette says that she’s proud of Mennenga, and as far as the record

she says she’s more relieved than anything “I’m glad it’s over I think it’s unbelievable, I think

it’s awesome for her, I think it’s awesome for the team, and I know that she wants to put the

focus on the team now especially,” Said Schuette.
Even Jacksonville State Universities Coach Jana McGinnis was giving praise to Mennega

for her performance. “I didn’t think our mentality was right at the plate, but you have to give her

credit, she’s the one who’s making us have to hit it. So you got to give her the credit, she’s the

one that made the difference in the game,” said McGinnis.
In the end Mennenga says even with this mile stone in her athletic career she’s not yet

thinking about what’s to come. “If I was to do this well next year, obviously I’m not thinking

about next year yet but it be nice to get the career record,” Said Mennenga.
Eastern won the first game with three runs over Jacksonville States Two.

Bye Bryce Ricketts

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