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Illinois Used Car Law

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Since July 1st a new law in Illinois is protecting consumers when buying used cars. The law requires dealerships to offer a limited powertrain warranty to used car buyers. I spoke with Pilson Auto Centers General Manager Rick Berg and he told me this law won't only help consumers but the dealerships too. Berg said the new law was put in effect due to a lady who had purchased a high mile used car from a used car dealership. The vehicle broke down on the way home and she took it back and they gave her another one and that one broke down so it forced the legislators to implement a law that protects customers on higher mile cars. The law requires a limited powertrain warranty to used car buyers for the first 15 days or 500 miles. It covers transmission, oil leak, if something happens to the engine if the engine goes out and it covers the customer for that up to the value to the car. Berg says when selling a used car they will disclose any problems first with the customer and if they still agree to purchase the vehicle with the problems this will protect the dealership with any liability. Attorney General Lisa Madigan issued on her website a free Consumer Guide to Buying a Used Vehicle and Consumer Checklist to inform consumers about the new law and tips and advice on purchasing a used car. A few suggestions on the Consumer Guide to Buying a Used Vehicle is to get vehicle and title history reports , arrange a pre-purchase inspection, determine the value of the vehicle you intend to purchase and know your taxes, title and doc fees.

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