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Charleston High School Remembers Student Jordan Holly

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Friday night was more than just a football game to the Charleston community. The Trojans honored 16 year-old Jordan Holly before kickoff against Mahomet Seymour. Holly, the former cheerleading team captain and a beloved member of Charleston High School, was killed in a car accident last May.

Emotions were flying high at Charleston High School, not just for the home opener against Mahomet Seymour, but for friends and family of Jordan Holly. Charleston head coach Tyler Hanner says this tribute helped his team prepare for a tough physical, and mental game.

"I think that's what we kinda came up pretty fired up for, and she meant a lot to this team, I didn't know her other than seeing her in the halls, but from everything i've known she was a great person, a kind person, so yeah kind of a big loss for our school."

That momentum was clear early on as Trojan running back Cam McDonald turns this five yard run into a six-nothing lead. Defense was also key for C-H-S to start, as Braydon Doyle comes off the edge and takes down the opposing QB for a sack. Mahomet-Seymour turns things around though with this touchdown run up the middle, followed by the extra point conversion to take an EIGHT-six lead.

"I just felt like we lost a little bit of our energy, little bit of our mojo, we kinda flattened out, and just had some untimely mistakes, offense defense, things that kinda let the air out of the balloon a little bit, we just gotta maintain that energy."

Things didn't get much easier the rest of the way for Charleston, as this turnover was one of three in what led to a 24-12 loss to the Bulldogs. Charleston Senior safety Ky'Sean Green knew it was a tough game, but is already looking ahead to next week.

"A lotta mistakes, lot of mistakes, I really don't know what to say right now. We're gonna come to the fieldhouse monday look at film, then pad up and do a bit of practice and see how everything goes."

Charleston threw the ball 43 times in the game, as Seth Higgins completed just 15 of those with one touchdown and two interceptions. With the loss, the Trojans move to 0-2 on the season, but get another shot on their home turf as Taylorville comes to town this week.

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