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Stolen Lawn Garden Property

Monday, 20 March 2017

Their big things made them a big target for thieves in Casey. Lawn equipment thefts have been reported across several counties at businesses and in municipal buildings. Now officials have some advice to help residents keep the thieves out of their garage and tool sheds. "Bolin has a lot of businesses in Casey. They have a shop over here behind the wind chimes one block to the west. That's where they keep the lawn care equipment for the world's biggest stuff." Last week Casey police recovered a large inventory of stolen property. "Mostly in the municipal building and some commercial customers were a number of chainsaws, weed eaters, those type of items were all stolen. It was a great number of items and these burglaries, most of them all Stihl products." Jenkins says this type of crime isn't unusual for spring. "A lot of times it's seasonal. And obviously when we had the rash of all the chainsaws ... lawn mowers and weed eaters ... that's a seasonal project we're coming into spring and I think this gentleman thought that these items it would be the right time of year to sell them." Jenkins says the suspect is tied to several burglaries and will face numerous charges. "We've had several messages on Facebook that have came in on private asking some questions. It's a small community ... so whenever something like this happens. We have not yet released the identity of the suspect, but he's facing multiple charges in Coles County." Jim Fisher is a Bolin Enterprises employee and says it's not surprising his employer was a target. "I wouldn't say it was shock because there had been some burglaries in town. The city of Casey had lost some power equipment and some contractors around had lost some power equipment so there was something going on around." Chief Jenkins says there's an easy and inexpensive way to keep you from being a victim. "I've been in law enforcement for 38 years. We go through spells in any department at any location where you'll have a number of thefts. They seem to come in bunches." And that's why Jenkins says the simple task of "locking up" will keep your belongings safe. "I want to encourage people to lock their houses lock your garages and lock your cars. I think the first thing that when I came here years ago was people saying we never lock our car we never lock our garage. I think in this day and age you can't afford that opportunity even in a small community." Authorities say one man has been arrested in connection to theft in the Casey area. In an unrelated case near Dennison, Clark County Police arrest three suspects in connection to another burglary at Conine and Sons Small Engine Repair. Police say during this burglary, numerous items were taken including chainsaws, blowers and trimmers.

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