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Urbana Armed Robbery

Friday, 15 February 2013

An Urbana man is arrested for shoplifting and armed robbery.

On February 14th, Urbana police arrested Carlos Harris, 17, for armed robbery at Vine Street Motors in Urbana and shoplifting from the Urbana Walmart.

At Vine Street Motors, an Urbana man says he was working in the store when Harris walked in, left the shop, and came back demanding money.

The victim, 34, says the suspect pointed through his sweatshirt as if he had a gun.

He also says he thought he saw the handle of the gun and gave the suspect money from his own wallet.

Two other people were present at the time of the robbery, but they fled as it occurred.

Police say the other two were not involved in the incident.

Later in the evening, police responded to Urbana Walmart for a shoplifter in custody.

Officers learned the suspect in custody was Carlos Harris.

No one was injured in either case.

Police are investigating the incident.

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