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Puppy Mill Legislation

Friday, 9 May 2014

Animal shelters might not be as full if this law passes. Illinois lawmakers are considering a bill to require pet shops to only sell dogs and cats from animal shelters and NOT commercial breeders. News Watch's Margaret Langevin spoke with employees at an animal shelter and dog trainers who say they're ecstatic about this proposal. This new bill is aimed to put puppy mills out of business by ending their ability to sell animals to pet shops. Animal Shelters are saying this proposed bill is a bit of relief and a little overdue. If passed, Illinois would be the first state to do so. Coles County Animal Shelter Assistant Manager Jason Wallace says he's witnessed conditions at puppy mills in the area and it's just sickening. Wallace says breeding isn't the only issue he has with puppy mills it's also how the animals are treated. Co-president of the Charleston Dog club and trainer Ellen Johnson says before getting a pet it's necessary people do their research. She says it's important to find a credible breeder that's willing to answer all of your questions. But Wallace says before visiting a breeder he encourages people should look at the dogs that already need homes. The proposed bill was introduced this past week. The bill would still make it legal for those to buy directly from breeders, just not from pet shops. Wallace says Mattoon's Petsmart won't be affected because they already sells dogs and cats from animal shelters.

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