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Animal Shelters in May

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

This month lots of graduations happen and college students pack up and move out of town! But a lot of times what they don't take with them is their pets and that means shelters fill up this time of year. News Watch's Jaida Moore spoke with animal control officials today about the problem and she joins us live in the studio with more on how shelters operate when there's more dogs and cats that need homes. The Coles County Animal Shelter knows when it's May in year's past, they've seen a lot of abandoned animals turn up at their facility. But this year, the numbers are a bit better and volunteers hope that trend continues. May marks the month the Coles County Animal Shelter usually hear more barks, but at least this year those sounds are a little quieter. Coles County Animal Shelter Manager Jason Wallace says they've gone out their way to make sure future pet owners have proper information before adopting. Wallace says they've implemented a new application process: asking more questions making sure the family is the perfect fit for the animal. Ashley Williams recently adopted her pup Ralphie from the Coles County Animal Shelter. She went through the application process and says it's a must for any new pet owner. Wallace says along with asking questions, the shelter is also using a new technology method to decrease the chances of neglect. Both Wallace and Williams agree a little time and most importantly effort should be the number one priority when adopting. If students are looking for accommodations for their pets. The Coles County animal shelter suggests contacting them for advice. It's not just dogs and cats being left behind, but reptiles too.

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