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Douglas County Storm

Monday, 18 November 2013

Hundreds of homes across Illinois and Indiana are destroyed after tornadoes ripped through the Midwest on Sunday. Officials have confirmed at least one tornado went through Douglas County destroying some of the northern part of the county. Douglas County Emergency Management Agency Director Joesph Victor says the county hasn't experienced anything like this since the 1960s. Officials and residents say they're thankful that there were no deaths caused by the storm, but officials say one injury was reported after a semi truck blew over on Interstate 57 between Arcola and Tuscola. Residents set out today to assess the damage done to their property as they begin on the clean up. Victor says he has sought state assistance but believes it may not be necessary after all. Officials throughout Douglas County are trying to do all they can to help the people affected by the storms. People whose property sustained any damage from the storm are encouraged to contact the Douglas County Emergency Management Agency at (217) 253-9538.

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