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Jessie Meyer

Major: Electronic Media Production - Audio Focus

Hometown: Wood Dale, Ill.

Years at Hit-Mix: 3

Why did you choose your major?: I did film/TV work and band in high school but couldn't decide what I wanted to do between the two, so my adviser suggested Radio, which I never really thought about, and I fell in love!

What is your favorite part of working at Hit-Mix?: The family feeling. I've come in crying to HitMix and people there will be the first ones to respond. When we're on campus, we see each other and say hi or walk together, it's just a constant friendship/family vibe. Even Rob and Jeff respond like my parents would, some days.

Hobbies: Rollerblading, band, and hanging out with friends doing whatever.

Interesting fact about yourself: I competitively figure skated for about 10 years; solo and on teams.

Favorite song/artist: "You Had Me At Hello" - A Day to Remember

Best memory at EIU: If I HAD to pick just one, I'd probably say getting stitches on move-in day freshman year. I had already been at band camp for about 4 days, and during breakfast when the other freshman were moving in, I rolled my ankle on the sidewalk by Steve-O, proceeded to fall, and a rock in a cut-out on the sidewalk stabbed my knee. They then proceeded to repave that spot on the sidewalk 2 days later, putting a fence around it and everything, all because I fell there. Perfect freshman band camp story.