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Callie Luttman - AKA "Chocolate"

Majors/Minors: Public Relations

Hometown: Staunton, IL

Year started at Hit-Mix: June 2017

Favorite part of working at Hit-Mix: All the laughs and memories made on the morning show.

Favorite song to play at Hit-Mix: Chocolate by The 1975

Hobbies: Poetry, being an activist, anything involving adventures, colorguard, hiking, nature walks, late night cruises.

Random fact about yourself: I’ve never been to Chicago

Describe yourself in three fictional characters:

  1. Madea
  2. Raven Simone
  3. Penny Proud

Best memory at EIU so far: Performing to “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé in the Panther Marching Band Halftime Show, as the colorguard was featured at the first home football game in fall 2017.