Documentaries and Specials

EIU 360

Great things are happening every day in the Eastern Illinois University community, from the academic and social happenings on campus to the noteworthy accomplishments of alumni in every corner the world. EIU 360, the university's online magazine, captures it all -- to tell the stories of Eastern's impact near and far.

100 Years of Eastern Illinois Men's Basketball

A look back at the 100-year history of men's basketball at Eastern Illinois University. Interviews include former players and coaches.

40 Years of Title IX at Eastern Illinois University

A celebration of the history of women's athletics at Eastern Illinois University. This programs includes interviews with past players and coaches and was produced in recognition of the 40th anniversary of Title IX legislation.

Constant Motion: Railway Postal Clerks

The story of the men who worked as railway postal clerks.

The War: Stories From Central Illinois

Featuring stories of life on the battlefront and homefront during WWII as told by those who lived it.